Terms & Conditions


We provide all mats and equipment and we have changing facilities and a waiting area

We have a socks on policy for hygiene

We offer catch up classes when you miss your regular class (pilates mat classes only)

Standing Order for Pilates Mat Classes - £40 per month

This is the best way to fully secure your place in your favourite class

You must commit to a regular class day and time

Please notify The Pilates Attic if you need to change the regular class that you are booked into

The price is based on attending 44 classes per year with regularly scheduled holidays that The Pilates Attic will keep you informed of

The Standing Order must be paid on the 1st of the month every month. 

Catch up classes are allowed

For cancellations of the standing order The Pilates Attic will require 4 weeks notice

Due to the Pilates Attic taking time off for holidays and because different months are different lengths, the number of Pilates Mat Classes you will receive per month will fluctuate between a minimum of 3 Classes and a maximum of 5 Classes per month throughout the year

Please email for details to set up your Standing Order

4 Week Class Pass - Pilates Mat - £48

This can be used to attend 4 classes over 4 consecutive weeks

You must come to the same class day and time each week for 4 consecutive weeks

4 Week Class Pass - Hula Hooping - £40

This can be used to attend 4 classes over 4 consecutive weeks

Catch Up Classes for Pilates Mat Classes

When you miss a Pilates Mat Class you are able to catch up in a different class

Please notify The Pilates Attic in advance of any classes you will be missing, with as much notice as possible

Catch up classes must take place within the same calendar month as the missed class

Catch up classes are only allowed if space is available and cannot be guaranteed

Catch up classes must be attended

Cancellations and Refunds

The Pilates Attic has a strict no refund policy

Standing Order - The Pilates Attic requires 4 weeks notice of cancellation

Private Sessions - The Pilates Attic requires 24 hours notice of cancellation