12 - 1pm          Pilates Mat

1 - 2pm            Pilates Mat

6 - 7pm            Pilates Mat

7 - 8pm            Pilates Mat

8 - 9pm            Pilates Mat


6 - 7pm             Pilates Mat

7 - 8pm             Pilates Mat



12 - 1pm           Pilates Mat

6 - 7pm             Pilates Mat

7 - 8pm             Pilates Mat


6 - 7pm             Pilates Mat

7 - 8pm             Pilates Mat

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Holiday Dates:

Monday 23rd September - Friday 27th September 2019

Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November 2019

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Along with back pain, sports injuries and joint problems we see Pilates help with many other conditions including M.S., Fibromyalgia, hyper-mobility, and for regaining strength and movement after surgery. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioners recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today. Pilates can be beneficial for just about everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. Whether you want to learn to manage pain, tone up, or train for the Olympics, Pilates works. 

Pilates is an exercise method, a system of movement, stretching, strengthening and realignment, designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance, it uses the most important muscles in your body, and helps you to maintain them. It has a unique approach that creates an intense full body workout designed to improve your core stability, posture, flexibility, strength and control. Transform your posture, balance and body shape for the rest of your life. Practising Pilates allows your mind and body the time and space to find the muscles that will properly support and protect your body. You can achieve a lean, toned and balanced physique. By practising regularly you will see and feel a difference in your body and mind, and in the way that you move.

Classes last 1 hour and are limited to a maximum of 12 people meaning you’ll get plenty of attention and a class tailored to suit you.

Beginners - We understand it can be a bit daunting trying anything new, so our classes are designed to teach you all you need to know in a relaxed and friendly environment. Come to The Pilates Attic to learn the techniques under the careful supervision of Jo who has nearly 20 years’ experience. By practising Pilates regularly you will see and feel a difference in your body and mind, and in the way that you move.