Menopause Mingle

Menopause Mingle


Saturday 12th October 12-2pm

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Menopause Mingle

Saturday 12th October 12-2pm

£15 per person

The Menopause Mingle is a relaxed event intended to bring like-minded women together. To provide quality information, guidance and support, to discuss experiences, answer questions, alleviate concerns and to offer practical and natural solutions to the problems of menopause. 

At the Menopause Mingle we discuss issues such as weight gain, low energy and motivation, tiredness, feeling foggy, anxiety, hot sweats and low libido. These are just a few of the potential problems we face in the years leading up to our last period. 

Angie Garton created the Menopause Mingle as a spin-off from the popular Menopause Cafe. With several years experience as a health coach, Angie has focused on helping women through peri-menopause for the last 4 years.

“My core focus has always been a natural approach to this. Although I have a scientific background, I lean very heavily on the holistic approach to feeling healthy and happy - taking your whole body and mind into consideration.”

“I help women who are feeling a bit lost and confused about the menopause and need some simple and effective help and support, so they can feel more like themselves again.

Many women are confused about perimenopause and menopause. I make sure it’s less daunting and scary than most believe it to be. And with plenty of support you can have your life back without it being sabotaged by something that feels out of your control.”

There is often a lot of confusion over what is ‘normal’, what to expect and how you can really cope with it all. Common questions answered in full, at the Menopause Mingle:

—What tests should I ask my GP for?

—What’s normal, what can I expect to happen?

—What can I really control, without medication?

—How do I avoid having to take HRT?

—What other support is available?

—Why does it affect my moods so much and what can I do about it?

Comments from other women who have attended a Menopause Mingle:

“Really enjoyed being able to hear other women’s experiences“

“Invaluable advice, I came away feeling very positive”

“The way you describe it all, its like discovering America! Bloody amazing!”

“Menopause is a very scary word to so many women and the internet, although a valuable source of info, is quite a minefield! Angie is a very knowledgable lady ... it was most informative. She’s a very down to earth person and turns complex conversations into easy to understand help and support.”

Please note we have a strict no refund policy