Aerial Pilates uses a silk hammock to enhance and inspire the practise of Pilates

The hammock is a soft and silky fabric that can be used either to increase the challenge or to provide assistance to the exercises in the Pilates repertoire 

Your body is suspended in the hammock close to the ground so there is no fear of heights during the class.

Suspension allows the body to fully relax into the hammock creating a tension free and relaxed body and mind, and a place to really work your muscles, challenge your core, control and balance

It is fun, challenging, supportive, freeing, playful and relaxing. You will see Pilates in a whole new light in the hammock!

Aerial Pilates Class
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  • Stress release

  • Mindfulness, concentration and living in the moment

  • Enhance proprioception skills

  • Increase spatial awareness 

  • Increase energy levels

  • Overcome fears 

  • Spice up your love of Pilates

  • Let go, play and fly

  • Build strength in the core and throughout the body

  • Increase flexibility

  • Challenge your balance and control

  • Decompress the spine and joints

  • Muscle tension release

  • Practise inversions without strain in a supported way

  • Full supported relaxation 

  • Highlights weaknesses in body, muscles and alignment